Josep M. Lladó Bausili studied textile engineering – the sector in which the family business operated. In 1930, together with other like-minded friends, he founded the Igualada Photography Association (AFI).

The most interesting period of his life in photography went from the early 1930s through to the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War; a period of time in which he clearly evolved toward New Photography and produced a valuable series of images that reflected Europe’s most avant-garde aesthetic trends.

His fellow travellers included José Campanyà, José Ortiz Echagüe and Ramon Batlles. He was awarded numerous prizes in competitions. Some of his photos were published in the magazine Art de la Llum and in the AFI’s own newsletter. His enthusiasm for photography subsequently shifted onto the world of cinema, a field in which his work with his friend Josep Castelltort merited a number of awards.