“When I’m going to take a portrait, they often tell me -You’ve only got five minutes-! It’s a stimulating challenge.”

In the history of photography, the portrait is as old as the medium itself. Its documentary value was quickly appreciated, and meant that those people whose iconic portrayals could only have been recorded for posterity through a painting no longer needed to commission a painter but could call upon a photographer instead. At the same time, they saved themselves long posing sessions. The entire process was quicker and reflected reality more accurately.

This historical evolution has shown that photographers have a key role to play, as a sitter may be seen in many different ways, and a portrait’s realism is simply an illusion. It is specifically the photographer-artist’s skill that is the hallmark of a professional photographer.

Pedro Madueño is part of this trend.

Fernando Peracho. Director Galeria Vàlid Foto BCN