Smiles, tears, suffering, effort, enthusiasm, nerves, expectation. This is how “castellers” experience every exhibition where they build their human towers. It is more and more common to find series of photographs of every human tower to impact and excite the viewer. However, there has been increasing exploitation of the idea of looking for the different details to be found in these human constructions. The Fort photographic group captures all these moments, and they experience human tower exhibitions in a different way, through their cameras.

The group was set up in 2015 when they decided to run exhibitions on the topic of “castellers”, and they present their view without missing a detail of the human towers and the emotions experienced in the town square.

The exhibition ‘The Day After the Competition’ transmits, through different cameras, their view of a big day in the “casteller” world: the competition held on 7th October at the Tarraco Arena, which attracted thousands of people.