Ferran Freixa

FERRAN FREIXA Photo 1973 - 2013

Ferran is one of the leading exponents of the generation of photographers of the seventies. His specialisation in architectural themes marked his photographic work thanks to his precise, balanced compositions.

This exhibition enables us to take a tour of his extensive body of photographic work, from his first steps as an artist up to the present. Most of the pictures are original period shots, taken by Freixa using analogue negatives.

Ferran Freixa’s intimate, poetic photographs are a veritable allegory of the passage of time and represent extraordinary testimony that brings out an urban cultural heritage that is in the process of disappearing, denouncing its destruction. Visually and graphically, this photographer’s style is impeccable, portraying atmospheres in a precise, balanced way, in a symphony of light and shade.

This is the artist’s first retrospective and sums up forty years of work in a silent, highly refined selection, the fruit of an authentic autobiographical dimension.

                                                        Josep Rigol, Curator