Ferran Giménez


Dyeu is a photographic series by Fernando Giménez that revolves around this brightness, light, the trace of light and colour. But Dyeu also hides in the photographic medium it uses, as the light penetrates through the glass lenses of the camera and ends up materialised in millions of pixels on the surface of his work.

Fernando Giménez’s vision is purely pictorial, though it is now expressed through photography. This is not a theory, but this special, continuous vision is the same as the one to be found in his canvases on frames that I know well and have followed for a long time. This fact makes it possible to appreciate his flat surfaces as if one could touch the textures, the glazes or the colours of oils …

Jesús Martínez Clarà (Fragment of the text published for the catalogue produced by: Edicions del Vórtice).