The IEFC presents a selection of pictures from the projects generated on the Proto-Photography specialisation course.

Proto-photography is the term proposed to refer to photographic experiments centring on the moment before the picture is taken: the proto-moment of its appearance. Non-fixed photography, photography without a camera, images of light and energy incite one to experiment and reflect on the essential elements of photography.

Photographers: Lara Amat, Xènia Fuentes, Maria Gregori, Joaquin Revuelta, Àlex Rispal y Eva Vidal.
Curator: Ramón Casanova, course profesor.
By Reading order:

  • Lara Amat, Barco de papel fotosensible.
  • Àlex Rispal, Quimigrama rasgado.
  • Eva Vidal, Lupa.
  • Maria Gregori; Helecho, Pteridium aquilinum.
  • Xènia Fuentes, Prisma y doble rostro.
  • Joaquin Revuelta, Flor con lente fresnel.