Ignasi Marroyo


Images of an Era brings together a series of photographs by Ignasi Marroyo. Taken over the period 1960-1975, the assemblage reflects his great sensitivity and magnificent perception of the daily life of his times.

During his life, photography was Marroyo’s great passion. From his adolescence, when he discovered the darkroom and chemical procedures, right up to the end, when he devoted himself to digital photography and to the digitalization of all his negatives, the author researched and studied all the fields of photography in a totally self-taught way.

Founder of “El Mussol” and “El Gra” photography group, he always shared his photographic concerns with his colleagues. Ignasi Marroyo reveals in these images a form of life that belongs irremediably to the past, but in which we can still encounter various parallelisms with the current day.

In to his own words, “In a few years the image will be the form of expression of our time”.

Natasha Christia and Manel Miras, curators