Jim Doukas


Since 1969, Doukas specialized in laboratory work including the Dye Transfer process, Cameraless visions, large transparencies as overleaf work, unique chocolate toners, aged silver chlorobromide paper (Some Azo as old as 1914), and handmade cliché verré glass plates as negatives.

John Jerney, in The San Francisco Chronicle writes: “Doukas adds material emphasis to the photographic experience. With so much focus today on the digital image, and frequently dematerialized from any physical expression, it’s refreshing to discover an artist whose principal form centers on novel, idiosyncratic, and often idiomatic approaches to photography and printmaking.”

Doukas splits his time between his Lake Elizabeth laboratory-studio-gallery complex in Fremont, California, and his Biniancolla Laboratory on the island of Minorca. Much of the work in this exhibition comes from three of his books: Cave Shadows: Light Recordings (2016), Ancient Mythologies: Recent Visitations (2006) and Ode to The Meigas (to be published).