Josep M. Garí


My fondness for photography arose when I was very young, while watching at home, my godfather with a Capta I and my older brother with a Kodak Baby Brownie get wonders of nothing. It was then that I started to try different photographic systems: light study, development, etc. This is how my hobby for collecting cameras and their accessories was born.

I have been collecting cameras for more than 25 years. The first one was a Rolleicord V that I bought at the “Marché des Puces “in Paris; during a short trip I made. Needless to say, from that moment and until my return, I stopped using my reflex and I only took pictures with the “new” but old Rolleicord V camera.

Over time I have been acquiring cameras and their accessories around the world: from street markets, antique dealers, private individuals, auctions and also online, to get a remarkable collection that I now have the pleasure of sharing with you.