Marta Guitart


I have always been fascinated by alternative technologies related to the image. I am attracted by the creative possibilities of electronic machines like photocopiers, scanners, faxes, X-ray machines and other similar devices with photographic functions but not intended to be used as ordinary cameras. I am interested in exploring non-conventional ways of using these machines to create new pictures.

The Electro-Tejidos 1.0 (Electro-Fabrics 1.0) series explores the potential of a flat-bed scanner used in an unorthodox way. Scraps of cloth, artificial flowers, cones of multicoloured threads and other objects connected with the textile industry that generate abstract images evoking the industrial activities that took place in the Cal Boyer building, a former textile factory and now home to the Igualada leather museum.

Electro-Tejidos 1.0 also invites reflection on how new technologies and these images pose questions about the definition of photography in the early 21st century, as well as the role of the artist in today’s technological era.


In memoriam de Víctor Calle Vives, Conxita Caus i Rius & María Torres-Guzmán.