Marta Guitart


I have always been fascinated by alternative imaging technology. I am captivated by the creative possibilities of electronic machines such as photocopiers, scanners, fax machines, x-ray machines, and other similar devices that exhibit a photographic competence, but that are not meant to be utilized as ordinary photography cameras. I am interested in exploring unconventional ways of using machinery to create new imagery.

The Electro-Textiles 1.0 series examines the potential of a flatbed scanner operated in a non-orthodox fashion. Fabric cutouts, cotton flowers, multicolored thread cones, and other textile industry related items are chosen to generate bold abstract images that evoke the past industrial activity of the Cal Boyer building, once a textile factory, and current headquarters of the Igualada Leather Museum.

The Electro-Textiles 1.0 also invites us to reflect on the new technologies and how these have changed our perception of the world. More specifically, these images raise questions about the definition of photography at the beginning of the 21st century and the role of the artist in the current technological era.


In Memoriam: Víctor Carrer Vives, Conxita Caus Rius & María Torres-Guzmán