Miguel Ángel Domínguez


Sometimes it is hard to understand what motivates people, especially when we face obstacles in life. There are times when we fall into chronically putting things off and others when we want to make major, immediate changes to our lives. So, how do we understand the holy man who has renounced the material world to devote himself to spiritual practice, the man who moves from one place to another without being anybody’s master; in short, how do we understand the man who remains on the margins of society?

The Sadhu tradition consists of renouncing all the ties that bind man to the earthly or material, in search of the true values of life, devoting all their time to meditation. Sadhus are India’s response to the exploration of a value system. There, a man leaves behind all material ties to free himself, becoming part of a world on the basis of divine reality; living in caves, woods and temples all over the country.