Olot school


“The writer’s first commitment is to write. The second, to themselves, to the way they live in the world and experience it, that moment when they come into contact with others or with things. Literature constructs fictions; its truth is not the truth of scientific knowledge, but another dimension: it lies in the consistency of the narrative. But, as James G. Ballard says, we live surrounded by a cloud of fiction and, if we are not to lose our footing, the function of literature today may be to construct the truth.”

Josep Ramoneda, Curator of the MOT festival 2018

This exhibition is the result of collaboration between students on the higher-level training course in Photography at the Olot school of art and design, the only official art and design school in the province of Girona, the Catalan landscape observatory and the MOT festival. “Literature Personified” is a show in which landscape, literature and photography come together to recreate and imagine places and situations described in various literary fragments that reveal different writers’ commitments to themselves, their literature and, in short, to the way they experience the world.


Photographers: Andrea Cabeza, Berta Escobar, David Manzano, Natàlia Masferrer, Aida Mayenco, Anna Morales, Andrea Bolcato, Ariadna Colom, Clàudia Corona, Luís Delgado, Tim Gompers, Nil Invernón, Ilia Planas, Sergio Rueda, Sara Ruiz, Lluís Vilalta i Laura Trias.